One Course – Many Employment Opportunities


The saying that a university degree is the only way to get a job is somewhat outdated. Whilst it is true that a large number of professions require a university education, it is also true that you can make hold your own without a formal university education – as long as you are prepared to work hard and understand what is truly necessary in order to succeed. More and more young adults eschew the four-year-long (or sometimes, five years or longer) period of college in favour of one or two-year diploma and certificate courses to find employment whilst their peers are still learning. This gives them a precious advantage over their ‘better educated’ peers: work experience.If you are also planning to forego college, a good certificate course to undertake is the BSB30115 certificate, also known as the Certificate III in business. Taking around a year to complete, this course provides you with a knowledge of basic office skills, from administration to IT-related skills. The knowledge and training you can gain from undertaking this course can open the door for the following employment opportunities:

General clerk – this is a very general office position found in almost every company. The basic job description includes the management of company data and information (storing, inputting and outputting), making spreadsheets, reports, graphs, etc., distributing printed material to other employees, attending to the telephone, fax and printer, and so on. Since this position is ubiquitous, you can rest assured that you won’t find yourself unemployed any time soon!

Data entry operator – if you are especially confident in the IT skills you mastered at your diploma in business, the position of data entry operator might just be what you are looking for. Data entry operators chiefly do IT-related work, inputting all kinds of data and information. Keep in mind that you need to be quick and dexterous with your fingers, as well as attentive enough to not make mistakes to last at this job, however.

Payroll officer – probably one of the positions that sees the least number of fights, a payroll officer is tasked with making the periodic payrolls for the other employees. You will basically have to analyse the working hours of each employee and then compute their salaries for the specific period. Knowledge of IT skills is very important for the post, naturally. Since every company needs to make their payrolls, you will also find this post at just about any organization.

HR clerk – if working in human resources has been a dream of yours, know that you can achieve that! There are clerks that specifically work in the HR department of companies, and they are often tasked with processing, recording and keeping track of the personal details and information of employees.