Importance Of Spending Time With The Kids

The importance of spending time with kids can never be stressed enough! It is very unfortunate that parents in the modern times don’t have enough time to spend with their kids. Because technology has so many different ways to keep them occupied that spending time with the kids and family has become an option to most!

The sad thing is, parents are forgetting the old but very true proverb, “you reap what you sow”. Parents wonder in old age why their kids are not spending time with them. Why they don’t realize the importance of looking after their parents, but the truth is did you look after them with compassion and care at all stages of their life? 

Qualities of a child

You are wondering how that kid on the opposite table in the restaurant next to yours has all the best table manners. Well, it is not because he was taught those, but rather because he was shown them; day in and day out! So, if you want to instill in your child values and morals in life then you need to be there, right beside them and guide them through the rights and the wrongs in life. You will need to ensure that you teach them not only by word of mouth but by actions too, of the qualities that they should possess. Because kids don’t learn by orders or commandments but by watching their surroundings.

Expectations of the child

A research shows that kids start to expect the love, compassion and attention right from the moment they were born! They conducted a research by getting two pairs of parents with their new born to react in two different ways. The first set of parents were asked to soothe and be loving towards the baby whilst the second set of parents were asked to maintain a blank expression. And they found out the most astonishing thing. The former set of babies were happy and responded positively. The second set of babies on the other hand showed signs of anguish and sorrow. So, right from the start it is very vital that we be there for our kids. Whether they want to go hiking or to better learn English, whatever their quest we should always be there for them! 

Life is too short

Life is too short to be spending time whining about it! In fact it should be used to create memories with our loved ones as much as possible. Whether it’s sending off your kids to do a diploma of leadership and management BSB51915 course or sending them abroad to pursue their dreams, you need to ensure that you create as much memories together as you can. Because it is memories that will never leave us!


There is no excuse for not being there for your children. Whether it is in their good times or bad times o even if you and your children’s parent aren’t still together; you owe it to your children to ensure that they get all the love, care and attention that they deserve to get. This will make them to be honorable citizens in the world someday!