Making Your Family Proud


As kids when growing up we have a myriad of dreams about the person that we want to become when we grow up. It’s something that we dream time and time again. Because as kids we can’t wait for that moment when we can take over all the adult responsibilities. We can’t wait for that moment when everybody starts to treat us like an adult. Because from the view point of a kid, it’s always the adults who get to do the fun things. And the kids are always delegated the boring tasks. And they can’t wait for that moment in their life when they are going to morph into their adult stages and be given the green sign to do all of those so called fun things. But the adults would obviously beg to differ because only they know the stress that comes with having the responsibilities of adulthood thrust upon your shoulders. Because as you grow older you need to be able to support yourself. Your parents are not going to be there anymore to have your back. And you have to do something in your life that will make your parents and your family proud. This is the biggest task you have at hand. Whether it is about going to a world renowned university and obtaining a first class degree, or whether it’s about becoming a successful entrepreneur by starting up your own business of nice import from China, there is always a reason for us as children to make something of ourselves. 

To prove to the world that we have the capability of achieving greatness in form or the other. And that we can do great things as well, at a time when the chips are down. But what we must understand as children is that our parents are not going to be happy even if we go on to own one of the most successful businesses of importing goods to Australia if we are not happy with who we have becomes. If we are not happy with the lives that we are leading or learn how to import products from China. Because as parents they can’t stand to see their children unhappy at any moment. And they always want to see us looking happy and satisfied. Even if it means that we haven’t been able to take the world by storm with our achievements they would be happy with whatever we are doing as long as they think that it gives us the happiness and satisfaction that we need. So you need to understand that if you’re happy your family is going to happy as well.