What Is Meant By Food Security?

Food is the basic need of life. It is hard to survive single day without healthy food. Among the basic rights of the individuals the food is the first one. The measure of making the food available to all is made possible with the help of the professionals who are trained to do so. These trained professionals who are assigned to manage this task are called food security experts. The task of handling the food matters is known as food security. Reaching this status is not easy, the intended expert has to complete food safety course online to officially take up this task.

The task of food security is quite old. It started thousand years ago. China and Egypt were the first ones to follow these standards. The contemporary world was introduced to the concept of the food security back in 1974. It was then that in a World Food Conference, the term was introduced to the world. As per the official statement issued, the term was used in the following way.With the passage of time this definition took different shape according to the changing times and trends. The current version of the term appeared back in 1996. The World Food Summit in 1996 defined the term as a phenomenon which refers to the accessing food by all means. The other aspect of food security is getting healthy, rich and balanced diet. Food security works both at home and at larger levels too. Food secure people neither starve nor do they stay deprived of healthy diet.

Components of food security

Food security comprises of certain components that in the world of nutrition is known as Pillars of food security. These pillars are as follows:

1. Availability means that the food supply is maintained. There is adequate production, distribution and exchange of food materials available in general. This process is greatly influenced by a number of factors that are likely to impact upon the production and the following steps related to food.

2. Access means getting the right food in reasonable price. The most common barrier in the way of accessibility is the poverty. Healthy food is out of reach for many around us. It also depends on the location and the other geographical conditions.

3. Utilization is the third pillar of the food security. It means the individual metabolism and the mode of acquiring the food. There are several factors impacting upon the food safety and food utilization is one of these factors. Healthcare facilities, education level, and even sanitation are part of this pillar.

4. Stability means getting the food when it is required. The stability of food can be adversely impacted by different factors. The impact of these factors can result in transitory, seasonal and chronic instability of food.